A Little Bit About Our Content


Audrey and Vera are avid fans of fashion. They continuously report on the latest trends and show how to accessorize the looks in an affordable way. One of their core beliefs is that while a mom has a priority to take care of her children, she should never stop caring about herself as well. That’s why this best friend duo is always reporting on easy meal hacks and DIY tricks with a healthy side of humor – because they believe a mom should spend the majority of her day doing what she loves to do best. Whatever that may be!


Another focus that Audrey and Vera tend to hone in on is travel. With 8 children, they understand the need to make the best bang for a buck and always document their favorite location finds. Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway to a waterpark or if it’s their annual trip down to Disney, they do it in style and with their entire crew. Party of 12? You better believe it!

To see a Star Wars Day at Sea promotional video of the McClelland and Sweeney children, watch this Disney video and keep your eyes peeled around Darth Vadar.


Getting their hands dirty is never an issue. No matter what Audrey and Vera are working on, they make sure they break down the steps in an easy and manageable form. Auto, food, decor, holiday – no problem! No job is too big or small!! And honestly… no matter what… there’s always a great laugh waiting to be had.


A huge part of both LadyandtheBlog.com and MomGenerations.com is the personal feel and experiences that are included on a regular basis. Whether they choose to share video content or post their daily escapades on Instagram, there’s also a peek into what’s going on behind the curtain.

Here’s an example of their daily vlogs:

Recipe Creation And Restaurant Reviews

Food is also another huge part of our online discussions. With 8 kids, it has to be! Audrey and Vera stay on the pulse of what’s new and tasty and even show off how to make some fun treats at home.

Permission To Hustle

One of our favorite projects to date was the creation of ‘Permission to Hustle‘ – a group for like-minded individuals all looking to support each other’s initiatives while continuing to follow their passion and dreams. It has a daily check-in format and it’s truly our favorite spot on the Internet to spend time!