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With a heavy focus on women's interests and lifestyle, Audrey and Vera reach over 350,000 women daily through their blog properties and social media channels. In addition to AudreyandVera.com, LadyandtheBlog.com, and MomGenerations.com,

Audrey and Vera utilize Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and more to further connect with women both nationally and internationally. The ladies combined reach affords a wide-range of brands looking for diverse promotional opportunities numerous opportunities to target prominent both online influencers, their audiences, or both.

A Taste of Our Reach


Number of Children Between Us

Connecting with moms in a meaningful way for over ten years and counting...

We Build Brand Awareness

Teaming up with brands and creating a program that works to help deliver messaging and reach all while still remaining true to ourselves.

A Finger On The Pulse

The digital age can bring about a sense of constant change. While it is important to always stay aware of the latest and greatest in social media launches, nothing beats staying true to the core message and beliefs of a personal brand. Audrey and Vera know their strengths and focus on those arenas while still remaining active on top social outlets online.

The Power In Numbers

While Audrey and Vera both run successful blogs on their own, they realized that it benefits both the brand and their audience when they combine their reach and collectively tackle projects together. As a joint team, they can provide amplified reach all while keeping the content fresh and exciting.

What Can We Say? We Work Hard But We Have Fun!

Featured On The Today Show

Permission To Hustle

Join our Permission to Hustle group on Facebook today and get the motivation you need to push your business forward tomorrow.

First Peek: The Hustle Diary

As we’ve built our businesses, there have been products that we absolutely could not live without. These items really helped move our hustle forward!
So... we’re BEYOND EXCITED to share that we have created a product of our own that we hope will benefit you in some way.
Say hello to the HUSTLE DIARY PLANNER - the first of many goodies set to debut this year.
Long Term Relationships Are Key

We pride ourselves in maintaining long lasting relationships. Here's a look at a recent video collaboration with did with Lands' End - a company we've partnered with several years in a row. 

Media Appearances

Let Us Host Your Facebook Live Event!

Facebook is where most moms spend time online. So, it makes complete sense that brands are turning to this social media platform to reach their core demographic. Audrey and Vera do several lives a week and thoroughly enjoy the engagement. Whether you are looking for 10 minutes from home or two hours from the red carpet, these ladies are ready to chat with their online community.

To receive our Facebook Live deck, please contact us.

Branded Facebook Live Examples:
Clip from our TLC Show 'What She Said'

Event Planning And Blogger Outreach

From intimate affairs to large-scaled expos to fashion show during NY Fashion week, we have planned them all! Check out some of our past clients.

Looking for a digital outreach instead? Perhaps a combintation of the two? No problem.

Video Is King (I Mean Queen)

Both Audrey and Vera continue to film various parts of their lives and enjoy doing so! Whether it's the latest travel adventure or a simple DIY hack, visuals are always better when in motion!

Sponsored Contend On Location

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